The Bucket List Blueprint
The bucket list blueprint
The Definitive Guide To Living Your Bucket List
The Definitive Guide To Living Your Bucket List
The Simple (Yet Extremely Powerful) Step-By-Step Guide That's GUARANTEED To Have You Living Your Best Bucket List Life In No Time.
The Simple (Yet Extremely Powerful) Step-By-Step Guide That's GUARANTEED To Have You Living Your Best Bucket List Life In No Time.
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The Quick Path To A "Bucket List Worthy" Life...
The Desk Of Dane Homenick
Mt. Hood, OR

I'm sure you've heard this one before:

"Without a goal, it's near impossible to score."

... and it's absolutely 100% true — especially when it comes to living your best life.

Without goals, plans, and dreams, we just let life do with us what it wants. And besides being at the whim of everything and everyone else, it's just no damn fun to live like that (and you were probably made for more, right?).

But luckily there's a tried-and-true solution... 

... a proven formula that will have you living one of those spectacular lives that others only dream of. The formula is simple
(Figure Out What You Want)
(Make A Plan To Get It)
(Take Action)
(Crazy Awesome Fulfilling Bucket List Worthy Life)
But there's a BIG problem...

Although this formula isn't rocket science, most people don't know where to start, how to decipher what they truly want, or how to devise a smart plan to actually make their goals happen.

And that's exactly why we created The Bucket List Blueprint — to take all the guesswork out of the entire thing...

... to walk you through this formula, step-by-step, so it's a piece of cake to:

     ✅ brainstorm ideas in all the bucket list categories that matter to you (not just travel)
     ✅ mindfully craft your bucket list so it's undeniably true to you and the things you care about
     ✅ pick your "focus goals" so you're always moving forward without the risk of getting overwhelmed
     ✅ create a bite-sized plan for turning your bucket list dreams into reality (regardless of whether it's a grandiose or fairly easy goal)

... and more.

As you know, we all have a finite time here on this earth and the only way to make the most of it is by being intentional about the life you want to be living and holding yourself accountable for making it happen... and The Bucket List Blueprint is your key to doing so.

Claim yours now, before you forget and lose out on this 81% off one-time offer:
Is This For You?
This blueprint is DEFINITELY for you if you:

     • have ever wanted to write a bucket list of your own
     • feel like you're in a rut and need a shot of motivation to get back to your happy place
     • want a little "skin in the game" to help you stay strong and accomplish goals you struggle with
     • love to travel and want more of it in your life
     • are looking to make 2023 the best year of your life (so far)

And because a bucket list is such a personal thing, this blueprint is also for you if you're looking to keep active, improve important relationships in your life, grow a business, get your finances into shape, or even if you dream of making an important charitable impact one day.

Imagine what your life will look like once you're finally accomplishing the dreams you always wished you would...

Now grab your blueprint so you can make it a reality:
A Taste Of What's Inside...
  • The Bucket List Blueprint
This is your main guide and workbook, which will walk your though 10 easy steps to crafting a bucket list that's perfect for you.
  • Over 130 Top Bucket List Ideas & Resources
Browse through the most popular bucket list destinations and experiences in the world to make sure you didn't miss any doozies for your list.
  • My Bucket List pdf
This editable pdf document is a dedicated spot for your master list — a place to see your progress and check off your completed goals one by one. 
  • Focus Goals Action Guide
It's great to write your list, but there's no point unless you're gonna hammer them out! This guide breaks down your list into easy-to-accomplish action steps with specific tasks, dates, and costs for each.
And The Best Part? It's A Measly $7 Right Now.
Sound good?


And I promise you this tiny $7 investment will pay dividends and have you living your best life — a more fulfilling, FULL life that you will look back on in pride at the end of your days (or your money back)!

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